Connect your laid-off talent directly with hiring companies

Organisations are joining TalentLoop every day to help layoff-impacted talent find new hiring companies.


As a company laying off employees you can provide access free of charge to all affected staff so they can be listed on TantentPool.


Companies across the globe can approach talent on the platform for roles they are actively hiring and our AI believes there is a great match!

New beginnings

On average, it takes less than 72hr from signing up to start receiving interview offers. New job opportunities await. Stay in the loop!

Emerge as role models, not villains.

Layoffs are hard for everyone involved, TalentLoop helps companies make that process less painful and prolonged for affected staff.

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Privacy first

Not all employees want their news shared in public as an entry on a CSV. TalentLoop helps them be anonymous until they are ready not to be.

It’s free

We know you are going through tough times, thats why companies affected by layoffs can use TalentLoop for free, forever to help employees.

It’s simple

All you need to do is share a link with any staff affected and they will get priority access to TalentLoop.

How it works

Bringing laid-off employees and hiring companies headhunting exceptional talent together


One Magic link to the laid-off employees

It's as simple as sending a single magic link to your laid-off employees and they do the rest.


Employees create & enrich their Profiles

Employees create their profiles in 2 clicks and enrich them with any further information they want to share with prospect hiring companies.


Hiring Companies scout Talent

Our global pool of hiring companies search profiles and connect talent with active roles they are hiring for. Our proprietary AI-powered matching technology also recommends talent to prospect companies.

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Emerge as role models, not villains.